We've all watched A LOT of television throughout quarantine. Let's be honest - we've watched more than our fair share. Thankfully, Netflix has continued to pump out content so there's always something new for us to watch.

I sat down to binge watch a new show the other night called "Million Dollar Beach House." It follows a group of prestigious real estate agents trying to sell monster homes in the Hamptons. It is a mix between a show you'd see on HGTV and a dramatic reality show you'd see on Bravo television.

The coolest part about the show is not the humongous mansions selling for mllions of dollars. It is actually the fact that a main member of the cast hails from Minnesota! His name is Noel Roberts and he's part of the prestigious group of real estate agents the show centers around. On the show, he mentioned he is from the Land Of 10,000 Lakes, hailing from Cottage Grove.

Ahhhh! It is pretty cool to see a Minnesotan on a popular Netflix series. As one of the main cast members, you get to follow the agent's journey as he deals with clients and his coworkers. There is no shortage of drama on the show, as he and his coworker duke it out for most of the season, which was made a main storyline.

Sadly, Noel doesn't reside in Minnesota anymore BUT fingers crossed he makes a visit to the midwest very soon. In the meantime, you can catch the show on Netflix, which made its official debut at the end of August.

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