Did you ever think that your name could possibly get you free stuff? If you have a somewhat unique first or last name, it can possibly get you a free trip to the city of Orlando. According to FOX 29, Visit Orlando and Frontier Airlines came up with the idea to give anyone that has either the first or last name 'Orlando' a free trip to Orlando, Florida.

If you didn't know, Disney World is in Orlando so that would be a fun trip because you can at least save on the flight tickets. I am just giving you an idea of what you can do with the free trip.

There is actually a hashtag for this free flight and its #LoveOrlando. The VP of Marketing for Frontier Airlines told FOX 29, "We ‘#LoveOrlando’ and are thrilled to partner with Visit Orlando to welcome new and returning visitors to the mecca for family fun and entertainment.”

If you know anyone with the name Orlando you may want to tell them that they have a chance to get a $250 Frontier Airlines travel voucher for a free trip to Orlando. It was also mentioned on FOX 29 that the trip must be used between October 13 and 20th of this year.

So really you have to try to make this happen ASAP or you are losing out on your chance. That kind of stinks because it is such a quick decision that you will have to make.

You have until October 5th to enter if your name is Orlando, according to FOX 29. If your name is not Orlando you are really out of luck.

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