I found it difficult to make a big deal out of yesterday claiming to be National Coffee Day. In my book, everyday is National Coffee Day. I can't imagine even making it out the front door at 5:15 in the morning without consuming enough caffeine to get my balance.


My wife knows that on the weekends I need at least a couple cups of brew before I'm ready for any kind of back and forth conversation. Actually, exchanging pleasantries isn't off the table, just don't ask me questions that will require me to offer up any kind of intelligent answer.

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I equate pre coffee conversation with trying to run your car without oil in it.  I'm sure it could cause some kind of damage. There just isn't a feeling like that first dose of caffeine kicking in and waking up all your vital organs.

Since I've always been pretty much a java junkie, I'm pretty much immune to the problems most people have with coffee. People ask me how I can drink coffee at night and still be able to sleep. That's easy, first I recline on my bed and then, here's the tricky part, I close my eyes. Simple as that.

Also, black coffee is the way nature intended it to be consumed. If you pollute your coffee with cream, sugar or buy that $5 foo foo coffee with all kinds of things that make it not taste like coffee, you're a coffee poser.

So, raise your cup in honor of Juan Valdez, the only guy still growing coffee in Columbia. Evidently, there's a bigger cash crop there.

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