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Wisconsin couple Danielle and Nate Goss were on the hunt for non-alcoholic cocktails when Danielle was pregnant with their first child. They very quickly realized that there are not very many non-alcoholic cocktail options out there so they decided to do something that people may consider a little crazy during a pandemic: they started their own business called Kul Mocks.

Like many people, Danielle and Nate enjoy hosting friends and having a few drinks. When Danielle was pregnant she wanted to keep having a good time with friends and cocktails, but non-alcoholic ones of course. They quickly realized that there are not many options for ready-to-drink non-alcoholic cocktails. As Danielle said to KARE 11, “'It's 2020! How is there not a ready-to-drink non-alcoholic cocktail out there yet?'"

And not only do pregnant women want a non-alcoholic option that is not just non-alcoholic beer, there are many people out there who do not drink or do not want to drink every time they go out and socialize. This was something that people want. So Danielle and Nate got to work! After mixing up a few mock-tail ideas, they came up with three different kinds for their company, Kul Mocks.

Kul Mocks launched during the summer and "are already in over 200 stores, bars and restaurants." During a pandemic, might I add. I would say that is a success!

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