It is going to be a fun and educational AM Minnesota Program today! I will be heading out to Ableman's Apple Creek Orchard just west of Faribault. I do not know much about taking care of apple trees. I do know that it takes a number of years from the time you buy and plant an apple tree until it begins to produce apples. I also know that cold freezing temperatures later in May when the trees are flowering can wipe out an entire crop of apples for the year.

For a number of years in September I have talked with David Bedford who is an apple breeder at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. I have learned a lot about how David breeds a new apple variety. It will be fun to talk with Dan today and learn how Dan produces apples. Also, Dan said if you tell him you heard it on KDHL all day today you can get $2 off on a bag of apples!

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