Rice County Fair Manager John Dvorak will be stopping by KDHL studios this morning for the final 2019 Rice County Fair Talk. The 2019 Rice County Fair will be remembered for years to come. A number of days the temperatures were in the 90's with heat indexes well over 100 degrees. On Friday I saw a heat index of 115 degrees. Plus we received heavy rain a number of days. John said they received over 7 inches of rain during the Rice County Fair.

The result was the big Rodeo and the NTPA Truck and Tractor Pull was canceled. On Thursday night the Rice County Fairgrounds were evacuated because of a sever thunderstorm warning. Then early Saturday morning there was another severe thunderstorm. Then it was another sever thunderstorm around 10:00 that lifted the KDHL tent up into the overhead power lines!

It was very discouraging for John and the rest of the Fair Board to see all their plans wiped out by the extreem weather. It made me think being a County Fair manager is a lot like being a farmer. Sometimes no matter how well you planned, or how hard you worked sometimes things don't work out because of the weather!

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