It is a short, two-hour drive but is one in northern Minnesota that you have to check out.

The fall colors are gorgeous and it goes through a spot that it doesn't seem to matter what time of year it is, it is always worth checking out.

Highway 61: North Shore - Duluth, Minnesota
Tony Webster via Flickr

Although when it gets to be autumn, and if you are looking for something a little different than SE MN, a drive on Highway 61 between Grand Marias to Duluth is absolutely fantastic.

Google Maps
Google Maps

As you can see, the map shows a track on Highway 61 that is full of small towns with plenty to do like Two Harbors, Castle Danger and more. According to Only In Your State, the highway is fantastic and full of trees. One of the few times you won't be looking at the water as you go

"The road - Highway 61 - is lined by a mixed forest of trees on one side. The rugged hills will be ablaze with color. It's the one time of year that your eyes will be on the trees and not the water."

Highway 61 Revisited
Ryan P. Fonkert via Flickr

There are several places to stop along the way while traveling and check our some tremendous views in Northern Minnesota. Yes, SE MN is fantastic this time of year with the bluffs and beautiful colors, but for something that might be a little different, this is definitely a route to take.

"There are places to stop along the way, including several beautiful beaches. If you have more than two hours to spare, stop at Iona's Beach or Black Beach to rest. Or stop along the road for a quick break."

Highway 61 in Fall, Minnesota
Sharon Molerus via Flickr

You can check out more on the route HERE.

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