I am sure some of my neighbors are driving by my bean field and wondering why are there green streaks at an angle across the field? Almost all of the field is turning yellow and maturing normally, except for those green strips across the field at an angle. Do you have any ideas as to why there are green strips at an angle, perfectly lined up across the field? There is a very simple explanation!

Actually those green strips were the result of some tile I had my neighbor and relative install last spring. If you remember we had a lot of rain last spring. The big 4 wheel drive tractor with another front wheel assist in front were needed to get enough traction to pull the tile plow. The wheel tracks were compacted and the planted beans ended up in cloddy dry soil for about 10 days until it rained. Then they germinated 10 days behind the rest of the beans.

That is why the beans in the wheel tracts are still green, It was like they were planted about 10 days behind the rest of the beans. When it come to harvest the beans in those strips will be wetter bit it is such a small amount it should not delay harvest. The reason the tile lines were installed at an angle is a little unusual. There is an underground pipeline in the field that is at an angle. The main was installed that went underneath the pipeline. So, we just designed the tile to follow the sale angle as the pipeline!

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