A store called Canada Goose opened their doors at the Mall of America on Thursday and it's by far the coldest store in the mall! They have a room set at -13 degrees. We'll get to that in a second.

Canada Goose is, shocker, a Canada based company. Dani Reiss is the chief executive of the company and he was actually in the Twin Cities for the Super Bowl when it was insanely cold out! The Star Tribune writes that "the moment helped him realize the Twin Cities would be a good place for a Canada Goose store."

Canada Goose sells outdoor, cold-weather clothing. Their most popular item is their parka called the Snow Mantra. The Star Tribune says it "weighs more than 8 pounds, has a warmth factor that protects to minus-40 degrees and sells for $1,595." They have other parkas starting at $850, stocking caps starting at $95, they also sell raincoats, lightweight jackets, and knitwear such as sweaters.

Now let's talk about this -13 degree room! I think this makes so much sense, all outdoor clothing stores should have one of these. This room is set at -13 degrees and be programmed to simulate wind so you can test their clothing. Genious! I kind of want to go just to check this room out.

You can find Canada Goose in the Mall of American on the first floor on the west side.


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