The Market facilitation Program was developed to help farmers that were caught in the "cross fire" of the Trade War with China. Last year farmers received a payment based on how many bushels of corn and soybeans they produced. Plus there was a payment for Dairy and Pork Producers. With the Trade War dragging on farmers can get a Market Facilitation Program payment again this year. I call it the Market Facilitation Program round two and it is a bit different than last year.

This year the payment is based on how many acres of corn and soybeans a farmer planted. Each county has a specific payment rate per acre. For Dairy and Pork Producers I believe the payments like last year are based on how much milk was produced and how many pigs a producer had in inventory. Many farmers have not signed up yet and you should as soon as possible.

Last week there was discussion from some members of the House of Representatives that they were going to try and cut off the funding for the CCC which is the program that makes the payments to farmers. In addition if Congress and President Trump cannot agree on a budget there could be another Federal Government shutdown.

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