Since 1892 generations of people from around the North Morristown area and beyond have enjoyed their 4th of July fundraiser for the Trinity Lutheran School and Church.  I have been there for many of those years.  I have honestly not kept track.  I have enjoyed the event for it's simplicity.

There is always a Patriotic Program that we have broadcast on KDHL for a number of years on for those who can't be at the event.  Those in nursing homes, etc.  In my mind this is what separates the North Morristown event from many others.  A guest speaker is part of the Patriotic Program.  There have been many awesome speeches given over the years.

Al Spitzcak was the Chairman for many years and has stepped away from those duties meaning there is a new generation of people taking over.

Andrew Wagner and Danny Melchert join us on AM Minnesota 9:30 this morning to give us details about this years celebration of our nation's birth.

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