Wow. That's really all you can say after reading this Redwood Falls woman's obituary that was published recently.

Yikes. It's tough to wrap your head around the things included in this obituary, which was published in the Redwood Falls Gazette over the weekend. (Redwood Falls is about 2 and a half hours northwest of Rochester, near New Ulm.)

Most obituaries lovingly list the things a person has done in their life, the family they had, and the people they were close to. Not this one, though.

This obituary, for a woman named Kathleen Dehmlow, was apparently written by her children, Gina and Jay. It's a tragic story-- and one that's apparently been simmering for over 50 years. You can read the full obituary HERE, but these two items stuck out:

"She married Dennis Dehmlow at St. Anne's in Wabasso in 1957 and had two children Gina and Jay. In 1962 she became pregnant by her husband's brother Lyle Dehmlow and moved to California. She abandoned her children, Gina and Jay who were then raised by her parents," the obit reads.

Wow. But there's more. The obituary continues by saying she won't be missed by her children, and that they believe the world is a "better place without her," it reads.

Yeah. There's a lot of hurt still there, understandably. There weren't many condolences listed on Kathleen's obituary on the Gazette's website, but one written anonymously seems to sum things up pretty well: "What a life she lived. Hope you find peace," it says.

I hope they do too.  (6/6 UPDATE: It appears the obituary has been taken down from the Gazette's website. You can see a screenshot of how it appeared in print HERE.)

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