We have all heard stories about how referees are few and far between these days because they are sick and tired of the abuse they get from fans, coaches, and players. If you are a professional referee that is different but at a high school level sometimes it is strictly on a volunteer basis or for very little pay.

A public address announcer in Germantown, Wisconsin a Northern suburb of Milwaukee recently went off on the crowd at the game during a tournament between two Milwaukee suburban high schools. The game was as close as it gets with a score of 77-76 with less than 8 seconds left in the game.

During a play, there was a loose ball and a foul was called fans in the stands started screaming at the refs before the call was even made. According to Fox9  the announcer got on the mic and said:

I would like to take this opportunity to remind all fans, and I should’ve done this a lot earlier, shut up! The WIAA is always looking for officials, and since you do such a good job from the stands, get on the floor, wear a striped shirt and do it yourselves!

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Some people that were at the game or saw this tweet actually was slamming the announcer saying that he was very unprofessional, While of course others agreed that it was about time someone put some of these adults in their place acting so childish and setting a bad example for the athletes on the court and kids in the stands as well. I have seen too many videos or read too many stories of parents and coaches screaming at referees or umpires and sometimes even getting into a physical altercation. Remember it is just a game and these men and women are doing the best they can.

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