It's a tale of true love-- for both better and worse-- that spans over half a century.


A former co-worker of mine and her husband were, quite literally, the perfect love story. Sue Borg and her husband, Frank, were larger than life when I worked back in Eau Claire. I met them both nearly 25 years ago. They both loved life, loved each other, and were a joy to be around. While I'm sure they had their share of struggles, they had the kind of relationship you'd hope to have one day.

Which is why this WEAU-TV story is so poignant and hits home for me. I knew that Frank had been diagnosed with dementia a few years ago. But I didn't know how it had affected their life until I saw this story.

Frank has been living in the memory care unit at a local Eau Claire hospice as that horrible disease takes its toll. But it hasn't stopped his love for his beloved wife, Sue. In fact, as the story notes, Frank recently surprised Sue by asking her to marry him again-- 54 years after they first said 'I do.'

It's all part of a special program that makes the dreams of those with dementia a reality. And Frank's dream-- even though he'd been married to her for over half a century-- was to remarry his beloved wife, Sue.

You can check out the full story HERE. (Just grab the tissues first!)

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