It's been more than two months since Daryl Budenski was last seen. That's more than 70 days ago. A recent post to a social media page about his disappearance stated that with the snow, the ground search for Daryl is all but done for this year. But that doesn't mean people should forget about him. There are still some things you can do, to help aid in the search for Daryl as we enter into the winter months.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

With the ground search all but over, due to the snow which can cover up and hide things from searchers, there are some things that you can be doing to aid in the search for Daryl. One of those things you can do is talk to the police in Northfield if you haven't already, about the last time you may have seen Daryl. What would be especially helpful to those looking for Daryl, would be if you had contact with Daryl around the time he went missing, so late September.

Think back to maybe conversations you had, did he perhaps mention something that you look back on now that seemed odd, or out of place?

So far, over 70 days into Dice being gone, there are very few clues as to what happened to the Northfield native. His hat and money clip were found earlier in the search for him, but since that time there hasn't been anything linked to Daryl that has been found or at least been made public.

Someone out there has the key to this mystery, that person might not even know that they hold the information that could lead to the discovery of Daryl. With Christmas 10-days away, and Dice's family and friends have already celebrated Thanksgiving without knowing where their brother, uncle, friend is, maybe, just maybe they can experience Christmas with the knowledge of knowing where their friend, uncle, and brother is or was.

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