As if the word Covid wasn't bad enough...how about adding the word Long to the front of it. Long Covid? What the heck is that? All I can tell you is..we don't want Long Covid.

It seems that many people who get Covid-19 are having long lasting effects that they just can't shake. Long Covid refers to this. Even if you weren't hospitalized with Covid 19, you may continue to have certain symptoms that you didn't have prior to getting Covid.

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Some of the symptoms that have been reported are being extremely tired, having difficulty breathing or other respiratory symptoms and other issues. It seems that if you had 5 or more symptoms when you experienced Covid, that you may have a bigger chance of taking longer to recover. Other studies indicate that if you are older, have a  High BMI, and if you are a woman, you may experience Long Covid.


There has been one case of Covid in my house, and it was my youngest son who is 20. At the time he had Covid, he was complaining that he was tired, and he couldn't taste or smell anything. Later, he realized that his incredible back pain, which he thought was because of the way he was sleeping, was really more likely a part of having Covid.


I asked him if he is experiencing any symptoms now and he doesn't seem to be. However, it did take him at least 4 weeks to feel better, and probably a couple months before he was feeling himself again.

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