It was about 25 years ago that the ethanol industry began in Minnesota. Those opposed to ethanol, mainly oil companies began and still  are still spreading the same untrue information about ethanol. Two of the most common are that ethanol blended fuels can damage your car and that there are no environmental benefits to raising corn, producing ethanol and blending it with gasoline from crude oil.

The Minnesota Corn Growers Association spends a lot of time and resources "pushing back" on these myths. Debunking the Myths Around Ethanol Blended Fuels proves that the 13 most common myths are false. You can download the book at the Minnesota Corn Growers Association website:

It is important that Minnesota farmers and corn growers are well informed and know the facts about ethanol and all the benefits it provides to the environment and our local economies. But it is also important that citizens and consumers are well educated too!

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