He's been front and center each day as we battle through the coronavirus outbreak in Minnesota, but lately, Gov. Tim Walz has appeared without his glasses. And we can all relate to why that is.

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, few people have been in the spotlight more than Minnesota Governor Tim Walz. He's been making appearances just about every day at 2 pm on the latest happenings the state is doing to try to manage its response to the virus.

Normally, like when the Gov. originally announced Minnesota's Stay-At-Home order, or when he announced he was signing that executive order that closed all bars and restaurants in Minnesota to dine-in service, he's appeared wearing glasses.

However, if you've watched any of the Governor's daily press conferences this week, (like Wednesday's press conference in the video below) those glasses are mysteriously missing. So what's the deal? Is the Governor wearing contact lenses? Did he get Lasik surgery? Did he just misplace them?

Well, no, no and no. But the reason he's not wearing his glasses this week is totally one I can relate to-- and maybe you can, too-- if you have pets, that is. Because according to this Tweet from Star-Tribune political reporter Briana Bierschbach, Governor Walz said earlier this week he's not wearing glasses because... his dog, Scout, ate them.

That's right, Minnesota's first dog ate the Governor's glasses! If you recall, the Governor first introduced Scout-- who's an adorable Black Lab puppy-- in September of 2019. Walz adopted him from Midwest Animal Rescue last year to make good on a promise to his son, Gus, after being elected governor.

Scout was three-months-old when the Walz's adopted him last fall, so he's probably between 10 months to a year old right now. And, having had pets that age myself, I know just how much they can get into --and how much damage they can sometimes do-- like chewing up your glasses, as the Governor found out.  (Walz didn't say if Scout was given a time-out for chewing his glasses and not a toy, though...)

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