It is very important if farmers suffer COVID-19 losses they document them. I am hearing that some dairy farmers have had to or may have to dump milk. Because some livestock processing plants had shut down and others slowed down production, some farmers may have to euthanize livestock. Some of these losses may be covered in current or future USDA COVID-19 aid packages.

For example, currently there is a USDA program called the Livestock Indemnity Program. It covers some of the value of livestock lost due to a "natural disaster." Usually you think a "natural disaster" would be a flood, hurricane, extreme temperatures, wildfire, earthquake and so on. The COVID-19 pandemic would seem like it could be called a "natural disaster" too?

Until we get clarification from the USDA on current programs where losses may be partially covered be sure to keep accurate and detailed records. In addition some of the losses may be covered in future COVID-19 programs!



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