This kid realizes that he has the POWER! To you or I handling a leaf blower is more of a chore and it generally means the yard is covered and it's time to clean up, but if you give that same leaf blower to a child, behold he has become something out of a Marvel movie! 

According to a 2017 blog post on, the young man "got a hold of his grandfather’s leafblower" and realized all of the power was only a quick finger squeeze away.

Enter a young girl, whom we can only guess is his sister. She naively thinks her brother who is enjoying the leaf blower, will share with her. Not going to happen as our young super-villain lets out a maniacal laugh and blows her back.

It's one of those videos that we can all identify with in some way. Either we became a maniacal ruler at some point with the garden hose when we were younger with our siblings, maybe it was a fan or blower. I know when I was growing up it was the person who was given the dish soap for the slip 'n' slide held the power.

You didn't want to cross the person who made it possible to slide faster and further.

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