We've all heard that Minnesota's new Hands-Free law is now in effect, right? The law could cost you if you're caught on your phone-- and it could affect your car insurance too.

That's the word from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, which runs down the details on our new Hands-Free law in a post on its page HERE. If you're caught holding your phone, you could get a citation that'll run your $50. (Although as this CBS-Minnesota story notes, that total is closer to $100 when you add in court costs and fees.)

A second violation of the new law could net you a ticket for $275 dollars, which runs you well into the $300 range when you add it those courts costs and fees. But, it could also affect your checkbook when it comes to your car insurance.

That's because some insurance policies could consider a ticket you might get for violating the new Hands-Free law as a moving violation, similar to a speeding ticket. It goes on your driving record, which, according to CBS-Minnesota, could possibly increase your premiums as well.

That's because if you're cited for violating the new Hands-Free law, that ticket could affect your policy if your insurance company gives you price breaks for things like accident forgiveness or 'good driver' discounts. Even one $50 ticket for holding your phone could possibly change or nullify your enrollment in those programs as well, which could cause those premiums to rise as well.

Now, you'll want to check your own policy or contact your insurance agent to see specifically how your policy treats those types of violations, but it's just another reminder that being on your phone while you're behind the wheel here in Minnesota is something you DON'T want to do!

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