With plenty of people working from home, and kids distance learning, getting up early might not really be a thing right now, but it's worth it over the next two mornings. Over the next two mornings, you'll be rewarded by waking up early with seeing Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars all in a 'line' with the moon. If you've got kids consider it their science lesson for the day. 

This morning was the first of three days to see this phenomenon before it happens again in roughly 20 years according to Space.com.

CNet.com tells us that tomorrow morning (April 15), the moon will appear to meet up with Saturn and then on Thursday morning (April 16), the moon will appear to move towards Mars in the early morning sky.

I literally just happened to look up as I got into work this morning and noticed more than anything the sun beginning to poke up on the horizon. That was some good news, seeing the sun early in the morning.

NASA let's you know what else is happening in the night sky in the month of April with this video.

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