I've been staring at the same wall for three weeks now.  Actually, it is my walk-in closet.  THAT is where my "home office" is located.  My kids and husband all have nice, fancy desks but my desk is my built-in shelf, in my closet, where my clothes used to sit.  I was sitting all alone in my "office" the other day and I accidentally stumbled on a site called Amazon.

I found some amazing things that were exactly what I didn't know I needed while hanging out in my closet "working".  Check out what is showing up at my house soon:

Before School/After School Drink Set - You can never have too many coffee cups, right?!  Well, this coffee cup comes with a wine glass too...which is basically an essential item right now if you are having a child ask you for help with their math problems.

Fun T-shirts! - I am a fan of shopping online for clothes, and that's about all we can do now anyways.  This shirt pretty much sums up my life "All we need is Jesus & another pack of toilet paper".


Haircutting for Dummies - at some point, we are all going to want to grab a pair of scissors and just see what happens.  This book may give some very helpful tips when that moment happens at your house.

Toilet Paper in Bulk - I'm a big Chip and Joanna Gaines fan and noticed that this brand is "Magnolia".  I highly doubt that they are in the tp business but it's got their name, so I'm throwing it in my cart just because of that.  You can't find this stuff in the store anyways so you might as well just buy it here.

Shirt for our Graduating Seniors - Instead of buying those "Oh the Places You'll Go" books, put this shirt in a gift bag, throw in $20 and BAM! you've got the best graduation gift ever.

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