If you spend any amount of time in your garage you know there are certain essentials that you need to get things done. Here are the top-10 things that should be in every garage, and I'm not talking about TV's and recliners.

The first thing every garage needs is a workbench. Whether it's one you make or buy a lot of work done in the garage often revolves around or on the workbench.

The other essential that goes with that workbench is a good vice. Working on a radiator or a carburetor is a whole lot easier with a workbench with a vice. It's that extra set of hands that won't ask questions about what you're doing.

A floor jack is another great item that should be in your garage. Why fiddle around with that jack that came with your car, it looks flimsy and takes longer to get it out of the trunk than it does to slid a floor jack under your car and up into the air.

Duct/Duck Tape. There is rarely anything that can't be fixed with this garage staple.

What goes with the Duct/Duck tape? WD-40. Another repair staple that should be at the ready in your garage.

Some other items that should be in your garage, hand tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, and hammers. Power tools like circular saws, drills, and sanders. Air tools are another set of tools that you should have on hand for any work you might be doing in the garage.

Your workbench more than likely won't have enough room to store your tools on, so a good shelving unit or storage tote will be helpful.

Whether you use it with the tools, inflate your tires, or blow off a part an air compressor comes in handy.

In Minnesota, you'll want to stay warm working in your garage over the winter months, and before we bought our house I never had one. A garage heater makes all of the difference in staying comfortable during winter.

And of course since you'll be spending the majority of your time out in the garage, keep yourself entertained with a radio.

Or use your smartphone and use our app and a Bluetooth speaker.

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