This subject came up this weekend as my wife is a full-time work from home employee and has been for the past 5 years. My dad is also a full-time work from home employee for his job and the two of them were bragging over how long it's been since they had to go to the gas station to fill their gas tanks, and how long it's been since they were around a people that weren't immediate family. It got me thinking about how much are people who work from home saving? 

I took an online survey/test from about how much I'd save a year if I worked from home. The online tool factors in things like the distance of your commute, did you go out for lunch at all during the week, did you buy coffee going to work, grooming habits, and whether or not you like your co-workers.

According to the online survey/test, I would save $122 and 12.3 hours a week which over a year is $6,100 and 76.9 workdays.

The costs associated with the savings survey/test puts a value of $10 for lunch and $3 for coffee, along with $.50 and 15 minutes per shower...if you take one now that you are working from home.

If you had just selected the default answers, you'd save $4,600 a year or $92 a week.

So give it a shot, how much are/would you be saving? Take the FREE survey/test here. 

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