Randy Dobnak recently made his major league debut with the Twins at the beginning of August. He's a pitcher who never expected to play in the major leagues. But aside from being a pro ballplayer, he is also a highly rated Uber and Lyft driver!

Randy always hoped to play in the major leagues one day but didn't think it would ever happen. He didn't get drafted right out of college and, CNBC says, he went to play in "the United Shore Professional Baseball League (USPBL) ... Not many players make it from the USPBL to the majors — and Dobnak was prepared to walk away from the sport." Then he got a call from the Twins!

Now, let's talk about his perfect reviews on Uber and Lyft. His LinkedIn proves that he has been a driver for Uber and Lyft for the past 2 years. And on his Twitter, you can see he mentions in his bio that he has a 4.99/5 star rating, which is pretty incredible.

Randy told MLB.com “I have all five star [reviews] except for one. I have one four-star. I’m hoping it was a mistake. I don’t remember doing anything bad.” I'm kind of hoping he still drives for Uber and Lyft every once in a while, maybe I'll get a ride from him some time in the Twin Cities!


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