A Minnesota boy was running a 5K in Sartell a little over a week ago when he made a wrong turn and ended up winning the 10K instead. The race coordinators told his mom that he won the 10K and she thought they meant in his age group. Nope, he won the entire 10K!

Kade Lovell is 9-years-old and he's already an experienced runner, KARE 11 writes. He's been a part of a cross-country club since he was 6. He was running the Francis Franny Flyer 5K on September 21st in Sartell. His mom, Heather became very worried when he didn't finish the 5K.

She was driving along the 5k route crying. Heather told KARE 11, "I had everyone looking for him, even a fireman." Then her brother-in-law got a call that there was a little boy doing really well in the 10K. It was Kade!

He ended up finishing the 10K in 48 minutes, which was a minute faster than the 40-year-old second-place runner. Kade told KARE 11 that he knew he was supposed to take a right for the 5K but "A lady told me to keep going straight. So I kept going straight." That's how he ended up on the 10K route.

Whether he intended to run that 10K or not, a time of 48 minutes is impressive!

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