This dramatic video from those tornadoes that ripped through southeast Minnesota in September really shows Mother Nature in all her fury.


Living in Minnesota, we all know that tornadoes are serious storms. They can happen anytime during our warm-weather season. And, they're nothing to mess with. Nothing new there, right?

Remember that Thursday night line of storms that spawned multiple tornadoes as a cold front zoomed across Minnesota back on September 20th? Areas from Faribault to Cannon Falls were in the path as 16 storms ripped through, downing trees and causing damage to outbuildings and barns.

In fact, this MPR story says that outbreak was historical, as well. "The 15 tornadoes is the largest September outbreak on record in Minnesota, surpassing the eight tornadoes that touched down in the state on Sept. 20, 2017," the story noted.  Luckily, while there was a lot of damage, there were no reports of any injuries during that outbreak.

And now, dramatic surveillance video taken from near Waterville has surfaced that shows how strong those winds were. It's a good reminder that we really don't have much recourse when Mother Nature gets angry like that.

Check it out below-- and keep your eye on the tree to the left at about :18, right after the mini van drives through. Yikes!

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