It was like a droning sound. Just enough to annoy you, and enough that you want to find the source and shut it off. I'll admit it, I didn't believe it at first. But there is a humming noise on the North end of town. I was driving in this morning and had my windows down, as I had the dog with and low and behold I started to hear a humming noise! So where is it coming from? cites that the humming generally, is only heard indoors, and it's louder at night than during the day. It's also more common in rural or suburban environments; reports of a hum are rare in urban areas, probably because of the steady background noise in crowded cities.

So what could cause this type of humming? A quick google search turned up these culprits: industrial equipment is usually the first suspected source of humming. Other suspected sources include high-pressure gas lines, electrical power lines, wireless communication devices or other sources. But only in a few cases has a hum been linked to a mechanical or electrical source.

And a video that was made about what has been causing a worldwide humming phenomenon.

Some social media posts have stated they feel the noise is coming from Innovative Food Processors which operates on that end of town. I'm not so sure, but perhaps they got some new machinery and it causes the low-frequency hum. I did reach out and send an email to IFP as they were one business named on social media for any comment they might have regarding the mystery humming, and will update this post if I hear back.

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