The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is asking all farmers to help stop the spread of Palmer Amaranth in Minnesota. The latest announcement was about a week ago that Palmer Amaranth was confirmed in Jackson County. Minnesota Department of Agriculture officials are investigating the source the the invasive weed and how it got to Jackson County. There are a number of procedures farmers can do to prevent the weed from spreading in Minnesota.

First take an extra look at the labels on cover crop seed mixtures. Palmer Amaranth is a "Prohibitive Weed Seed" which means it is not allowed in any seed offered for sale in Minnesota. Cover crop seed for purchase in Minnesota needs to be tested and have a label confirming it and other noxious weed seeds are not present. It the seed does not have a label do not buy it. If you have questions contact the Seed Regulatory Program at the Minnesota Department of Agriculture 651-201-6531.

If you purchased farm equipment from another state thoroughly wash it before taking it to the field. A combine is a very good machine to bring Palmer Amaranth to Minnesota, particularly from the southwestern United States where Palmer Amaranth is native. If you think Palmer Amaranth may be in one of your fields call your local University of Minnesota Extension Educator, crop consultant or the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's Arrest the Pest at 888-545-6684.

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