Tonight's Mega Millions jackpot prize is valued at $1.6 billion, but unfortunately, there's a pretty small chance of you winning the jackpot. You have a 1 in 302,575,350 chance per ticket of winning the jackpot tonight. So yes, there's a chance, but a very small one. And since there's such a small chance there are PLENTY of ridiculous things that are much more likely to happen to you than winning the Mega Millions (or billions?) jackpot tonight, these are just a few:

You're more likely to...

be killed by an asteroid impact (1 in 74,817,414)

win an Olympic gold medal (1 in 662,000)

be killed by a vending machine (1 in 112,000,000)

be dealt a royal flush in a Poker game (1 in 649,740)

be diagnosed with the plague (1 in 46,600,000)

become a professional basketball player (1 in 11,771 if you played in high school)

be killed by a falling coconut (1 in 50,700,000)

be made a saint (1 in 9,200,000)

have identical quadruplets (1 in 15,000,000)

die just because you're left-handed (1 in 4,400,000)

date a supermodel (1 in 880,000)

So have you bought your lottery ticket yet? I don't mind that there's a very small chance of winning, I'm still going to buy one for the heck of it!

And here's a fun fact for ya, if you do end up winning the jackpot tonight you'll be worth 2 Queen Elizabeths (1 Queen Elizabeth = $500 million) plus 10 Blake Sheltons (1 Blake Shelton = $60 million)




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