I'm not sure why there needs to be a special day for giving to charities, but there is.  And it's an annual day.  It's called "Give to the Max" day.  You can check the selection of charities in one place, givemn.org/gtmd

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This year has  definitely been a challenge.  For most everyone in one way or another.  Even if you work in an industry that has been booming...like the home improvement market, there are still challenges with employees possibly coming down with COVID.  That of course, takes people out of the workplace so they can quarantine until the virus passes...and hopefully it does so the person can just move on and get back to work.

I know this is for non-profits.  And that  is very important. So if you are able to, please donate what you can.  And in most cases, anything is helpful. But I want to point out that even though  these charities are an important asset, the hospitality industry  is also very important.  I would almost put them into the charity category at this point.  I know, not at all non profit, but if you are thinking  about giving to a charity, please do that. If you find yourself with some extra cash, please think about helping out your favorite  local bar and/or restaurant.  Get some take-out.  The giving doesn't just stop with charities.  It is also important to try and do our part to make sure our local bars and restaurants will be able to come out of this pandemic with their business still intact.

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Think about this as you are deciding what charity you would like to help out.  You can find the list of charities on this website, and remember your bars and restaurants too.


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