During market reports with Gordy at 8:30 and 11:15 we have often talked about the USDA's Agricultural Outlook Forum that is held later on in February. In that report the USDA gives us it's first projection on planted acres for the upcoming of all the major crops plus estimates on production and carryovers. Gordy and I have talked about (complained) that these last few years it has been very bearish for process. I have often thought it would be interesting to see or hear their reasoning behind the bearish projections.

The USDA's Agricultural Outlook Forum is held in Washington D.C. and is open to the public. Many ag business send an employee or two to the forum to learn what the USDA projecting for the next year. Flying to Washington D.C. and booking a hotel for a few days would be very expensive. Therefore I have never asked Town Square Media to pay for the trip and I could not justify covering the cost myself. Well, this year we can attend the form virtually and it's free!

In 2020 more than 1,800 people attended the forum at I am sure considerable expense. You can register at the Agriculture Outlook Forum website and again it is free!






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