It's the Thanksgiving week, and here in Minnesota that might mean you'll have some milk to go with your holiday festivities. But hopefully, you're not one of the people named in this new survey about chocolate milk.

Now, keep in mind, I'm from Wisconsin-- America's Dairyland-- the state that's known for its milk and cheese production. But dairy is big here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, too. Which is why my mind was pretty much blown by this new survey about where people think chocolate milk originates.

According to the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy in this IFL Science story, one of the biggest questions they're asked is, "Does chocolate milk come from brown cows?" Really. People are seriously asking this question. Today. In 2019!

While they politely explain that chocolate milk is regular white milk with chocolate flavoring added, their center has found that A LOT of people still don't get it. "The Center has found that a whopping 7 percent of Americans still think that chocolate milk comes directly out of a brown cow," the site said, which, if you do the math, means that some 16.4 million people are under that mistaken assumption.

I'm going to go ahead and guess those numbers are a little less here in Minnesota because, well, we're all pretty bright, and also because, yes, dairy farming is a big part of our state as well. But, the story suggests that even here, there would be several thousand people who might buy into that bunk belief.

But, while it's comical to think that some of us might believe that you could get a  glass of chocolate milk directly from a brown cow, it's a little unsettling, isn't it? Think of that the next time you pass a glass of milk around the table!

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