Late last summer I was at a plot tour and I got a call from Louise that she saw a bat in our house. It was not aggressive, she put a big glass bowl over it. When I got home I slid a plate under the bowl, took it outside and let it go. Other than possibly carrying rabies bats are very beneficial animals. The eat a lot of insects, especially mosquitoes!  This afternoon I was mowing the lawn for the last time and I saw our old friend was still around!

I took the extension off the rain gutter down spout. It is easier to take it off than mow around it. I noticed something was inside the downspout. It sure looked like a bat to me! It looked like it was hanging upside down and did not move. I am pretty sure bats are nocturnal so maybe it was normal that it did not move when I took the down spout off? It was not causing any trouble for me so I thought I would just leave it alone! I did not put the extension back on yet. Think I will check later and see if it is still there!

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