It was about 30 years ago that the United States, Canada and Mexico agreed to the North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA. After 30 years there was no question that it needed to be updated. For example, due to technology advancements there are some dairy products that are commonly exported today that did not exist 30 years ago. When President Trump was elected one of his priorities was to renegotiate our trade agreements.

So far that has not gone well with China. However, NAFTA was renegotiated and the updated NAFTA is now called the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement or USMCA. We have an agreement with Canada, Mexico and the United States. It needs to be brought up in the United States House of Representatives and passed. It has bipartisan support and would easily pass the House.

Passage of USMCA would be beneficial for farmers, the United States economy and it would create a lot of jobs for Americans. However, the elections are about 11 months away. It appears that politics are more important than ordinary Americans?

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