Kickstarter is one of the Internet’s biggest websites for crowdfunding-slash-fundraising. It’s a pretty cool idea that helps fund a lot of independent creative projects, from movies to books to games to inventions. It’s even funded things like a “smart” beer cooler.

Altogether, people from across the United States have given over $1 billion to various Kickstarter campaigns, which is crazy considering it’s only been around since 2009. And as it turns out, plenty of Minnesotans have been active on Kickstarter, too. The website just put together a list of the most funded Kickstarter campaigns in every state – and Minnesota’s is pretty amusing.

So what Kickstarter project did Minnesotans give the most money to?

“Bring Back Mystery Science Theater 3000”. I never would have guessed that we’re so into the show that makes fun of bad movies, but there ya go. We raised $5 million for the project, and it actually worked! Netflix ordered 14 episodes of the show last year.

How about our neighboring states?

Iowa funded The Women Cards – a deck that shows famous women throughout U.S. History. North Dakota funded the Intersection Journal, a photography website.

But Wisconsin’s might be the most weird: The Official World’s Greatest Troll Sculpt, a.k.a. a naked Donald Trump Troll figurine. You can’t unsee it.

You can see the full list of Kickstarter campaigns in every state here.



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