Maybe farmers can learn something from a car dealer about how you sell your product? I subscribe to a daily market news email called the Van Trump Report. Many days Kevin Van Trump includes something funny in addition to all kinds of news affecting the agricultural markets. Many times following the markets you need a little humor! Earlier this week this article appeared written by a creative livestock producer who had just bought a new pickup.

A while after selling the farmer a brand new pickup truck, the dealer called the farmer about buying a cow. The farmer said it would cost "about $500." The dealer went to the farm and found the following hanging on the cow.

Basic Cow                                                  $499.95

Extra Stomachs                                          $79.25

Two-Tone Exterior                                      $142.10

Deluxe Dual Horns                                      $59.25

Produce Storage Compartments                $126.20

4-Spigot High-Output  Drain System          $149.20

Heavy Duty Hay Chopper                           $189.60

Automatic Fly Swatter                                 $88.50

Genuine Cowhide Upholstery                     $179.90

Automatic Fertilizer Attachment                  $339.40

4-By-4 Traction Drive Assembly                  $884.16

Farmer Adjustment                                      $300.00

Pre-delivery Wash and Comb                        $69.80

Delivery                                                        $35.75

Total Price, Including Options                      $3,143.36

Maybe you have to be a dairy and cattleman or former dairyman to see the humor in this but I thought it was funny! I sure wish we could sell our agricultural products like car dealers sell vehicles.

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