While I'm not a Minnesota native, I've been a resident of the Bold North (are we still saying that, BTW?) for six years now and have prided myself on learning the geography of our fine state. But what's up with these confusing Minnesota cities and counties?!?

I'm talking specifically about Blue Earth and Faribault, specifically. Both the cities and the counties. Because that's where things get confusing-- at least to a non-Minnesota native, like me.

Check this out: There is, of course, both a city of Blue Earth, as well as a county of Blue Earth in Minnesota. So is the city of Blue Earth the county seat of Blue Earth County? You might think so, right?

Here's why I think that. Back in Wisconsin, I used to live in the city of Eau Claire. Which is, conveniently, also located in Eau Claire County. Same deal with the city of La Crosse and La Crosse County. Or even the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County. Even the city of Chippewa Falls is located in Chippewa County.

So it would seem to make sense here in Minnesota that the city of Blue Earth might also be located in Blue Earth County, right?


The city of Blue Earth, Minnesota, is actually located in (and is the county seat of)... wait for it... Faribault County. Blue Earth is in Faribault County-- why wouldn't it be located IN BLUE EARTH COUNTY?!? How does that make any sense?!?

But it gets even more confusing. If the city of Blue Earth is located in Faribault County, where does that leave the CITY of Faribault?!?  Well, duh-- it's the county seat of... wait for it... RICE COUNTY!!!

Because THAT makes sense, right?!?

At least there's not a city named 'Rice' here in Minnesota. Although if there was, I'm guessing it wouldn't be located in Rice County, it would have to be located... in... Dakota County?!?

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