Is there anything more handy than the Google? Don't know something? Check the Google! So, being that today is Cinco de Mayo, just what do we Google the most here in Minnesota on May 5?


Thanks to the gang over at, we know now. They just did a survey that analyzed each state’s Google search data from last year’s Cinco de Mayo. And while some states are searching for things like "margarita recipe," or "Mexican restaurants near me," here in Minnesota -- and in most states -- the most searched-for thing was:

"What is Cinco de Mayo?"

Yep, turns out that while most of us know that the phrase 'Cinco de Mayo' literally means '5th of May' in Spanish, we really don't know what the day is about -- or why it's celebrated.

Back in the 90's, when Cinco de Mayo celebrations first started getting noticed here in the Midwest, some of us thought it was the Mexican Independence Day, kind of like our 4th of July.


This survey explains Cinco de Mayo like this: "Some Mexicans - primarily those who live in Puebla - observe it as a commemoration of Mexico defeating France in the Battle of Puebla."

So there you go. But I'll bet some of us will still Google, "What is Cinco de Mayo?" today, too, right?

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