People in Milwaukee, Wisconsin love their dogs. And their beer. And when the two weren't allowed to mix, a dough-headed Wisconsin mad found the worst way to drive home his disappointment.

His name is Kenneth D. Keaton. He's fifty (old enough to know better), and he was making a pain of himself at Milwaukee's Greenfield Tavern. According to the Journal Sentinal,

Keaton had already spent some time in the bar on March 14 and was being loud and disruptive before trying to bring his dog into the building, the bartender later told police. When he showed up with a dog, the worker told Keaton he had to keep it in his car.

Keaton left, and later, the bartender was outside in the parking lot, walked near the dough-heads car, and, according to police, Keaton gunned it and hit the bartender, making him fly onto the car's hood, messing up his elbow. The bartender will be OK.

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