Sun Country is about to give travelers from Mankato and Duluth and much easier way to get to MSP for their flight. Starting next week, Sun Country will be offering shuttle services from both towns to MSP.

Booking this bus trip will be just like booking a connecting flight, says Bring Me the News, "except that the first leg of the journey is the bus trip to MSP."

Sun Country teamed up with Landline, who is a new shuttle company, to offer this service. The buses are very nice! Bring Me the News says they "are decked out with leather seats, with free WiFi and power outlets, and an onboard food and drink service."

The other really nice part is that you don't have to worry about getting your bags you want checked to MSP. Here's how that works:

So the bus picks up it's passengers at the Mankato or Duluth regional airport (depending on which town your traveling from). At that regional airport, you can check your bag and it will meet you at your final destination. That way when you get to MSP you can hop straight into the security line and not have to worry about your bag! Then on the way back, your checked back will automatically be placed on the bus for you for your bus ride home.

Here's the schedule for the Mankato shuttle:

Mankato to MSP:

Depart - 4:20 AM, Arrive - 6 AM

Depart - 8:50 AM, Arrive - 10:30 AM

Depart - 1:15 PM, Arrive - 2:55 PM

Depart - 5:50 PM, Arrive - 7:40 PM

Depart - 10:15 PM, Arrive - 11:55 PM

MSP to Mankato:

Depart - 6:45 AM, Arrive - 8:30 AM

Depart - 11 AM, Arrive - 12:45 PM

Depart - 3:30 PM, Arrive - 5:30 PM

Depart - 8:10 PM, Arrive - 9:55 PM

Depart - 12:30 AM, Arrive - 2:10 AM

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