We definitely live in polarizing times, but one thing I'm pretty sure most of us can agree upon is that mosquitoes are one of the (few) worst parts about summer here in Minnesota.

But for the mosquito haters among us, there might be some good news.

According to the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District, the once-a-year hatch of the cattail mosquito has already occurred, which means we might have already seen the worst of it this summer. Oddly enough, the amount of rainfall we've had may have even flooded some of the breeding sites, causing the mosquito numbers to drop this year.

Now this obviously doesn't mean that the mosquitoes are completely gone (*scratches arm*), and they're reportedly still pretty thick in scattered areas, but it's good to know that we're at least over the dreaded 'Skeet Hump. Just two months to go! We've got this.

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