Happy Thursday, it's time to feature another animal that is up for adoption at an area animal shelter. This week's animal is a soft and loving cat with some unique characteristics and circumstances surrounding his pending adoption to someone. Reggie recently had surgery to remove a damaged eye, so he will need a home with a single level, and a home that is pretty predictable due to his new reality.

Image Credit: Michaela Tews
Image Credit: Michaela Tews

Michaela Tews, a volunteer with the organization Helping Paws of Southern Minnesota, has more information about Reggie, and the type of home he would need.

Reggie is a young adult cat about 6-8 months old as of Nov. 2021. He is such a sweet boy. He comes under special conditions. On Tuesday, November 9th he had his neuter surgery, and one of his eyes was removed due to damage/injury unknown prior to his arrival with Helping Paws of Southern Minnesota. His other eye is cloudy, but he has found innovative ways to deal with his disability and he is a courageous little guy. He has absolutely wonderful soft hair and is easy to care for, as you'll find out Reggie just wants to please you while you visit him.

Reggie would like to have a home possibly one level or where he wouldn't injure himself and also a home that is very predictable since he will need to know where everything is to make his life easier since his vision isn't the best. If you want just a sweet lovable guy as a companion Reggie is the pet for you.


A reminder for those who aren't familiar with Helping Paws of Southern Minnesota, all pets adopted have age-appropriate vaccinations, testing, and alterations included in their adoption fee! Fill out an application to adopt on their website here.

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