An audio recording began circulating online recently of a Southern Minnesota teacher being secretly recorded by a student, the teacher from the point that the recording began starts to meltdown on the class, at one point yelling at students to "shut" their "yaps" and going so far as calling students in the class "dumb butts".


It's black but this is a teacher talking to students in Montgomery. My kid and our friends kids. Going to say dad is not happy.

Posted by Isaac Miller on Friday, October 1, 2021

The teacher in the video/audio expresses frustration over some students in the classroom's behavior and states that the class is "the worst class he has ever taught".

It's a little tough to listen to, as the school year is only a month old for many districts, and many teachers have felt increased pressure with students returning to the classrooms after many went the year last year in a variety of different learning methods, including several weeks of just distance learning.

Reaction to the post online has ranged from supportive of the teacher, as we don't know what led to his reaction that was secretly recorded by a student in the class. Others vowed to pull their students from the class as they found the teacher's reaction unacceptable of an adult.

The video was recorded at the Tri-City United Middle School in Montgomery and quickly made the rounds in various places online.

What would you do if your child presented this video to you after school?

Tri-City United's Superintendent Lonnie Seifert responded when asked for comment on the video Sunday stating that "The district became aware of the recording late Friday and will investigate it appropriately. The district will have no further comment at this time."

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