Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn Is unsure why signup for the Everbridge Notification System has been lagging but told KDHL AM Minnesota listeners Thursday everyone needs to sign up.

When the county started using Everbridge it wasn't as user friendly as it is currently.  Dunn says you can choose what you want notification about and even designate hours not to receive any notification.  Although he would not recommend the later.

"Signing up is easy" Dunn added saying all that is needed are your name, the phone number where you want notification and email.  You set up a password and you are ready to go.

The list of notifications you can receive is nearly endless.  From a HazMat incident and severe weather notifications to specific happenings in a neighborhood (like a fugitive in the area).

Dunn told KDHL listeners less than 10 percent of the county's residents have signed up and the city police departments are joining his department in putting an emphasis on getting people signed up.

You can sign up here or go to your local police department or the Rice County Sheriff website to sign up or Sheriff Dunn said he or County Emergency Management Director Jennifer Hauer-Schmitz would be more than happy to assist people.

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