This case just got very troubling.

About a month ago, we reported on the case of a missing teen from Missouri thought to be in (or headed to) Minnesota. Her name was Savannah Leckie and she was only 16. We were all hoping that she would be found safe, and alive. Unfortunately, a new development, in this case has occurred.

You read that correctly. Savannah's mother is now being investigated for the crime. It appears Savannah never reached Minnesota at all.

GoMN news explains,

About a year ago, Savannah went to live with her biological mother in Longrun, Missouri, because of "problems she had at home" in Minnesota, include issues related to autism, the paper says.


When she was reported missing in July, authorities initially thought she might have run home to Minnesota to be with family members."

No charges have been filed against Savannah's mother or any of her family members. In fact, no charges have been filed yet against anyone at all - yet. We'll keep you posted as further developments are released.

RIP Savannah.

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