It was great heading down to the Steele County Fair each day. One of my tasks was to host Fair Talk each day about 4:15 with Publicity Director Todd Hale. Special thanks to Harley at Manke's Outdoor Equipment and Appliance for allowing us to use their booth and the famous Manke recliner. As you can see Todd is quite comfortable in the recliner with his feet up. But, I guess he is doing his job as we are on the air talking about what is going on at the Steele County Fair.

John Deere Tractor shade at SCFF

In the other picture is a fairgoer relaxing in the shade at the Steele County Fair. Now that is some expensive shade! I did not ask the list price on that big John Deere track tractor, but I am sure it is over $500,000. I am quite certain this is one use the engineers that designed the tractor did not consider. While it seems to be doing the job, a shade tree would be a lot less expensive!

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