National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day is August 22nd and a recent survey shows most cat owners are less than enthused about making the visit.

According to the Ask.Vet, survey of 1,000 Americans conducted on July 20, 2017 48% of cat owners only go to the vet when there's something wrong with their pet.

While 25% of cat owners say they get regular checkups, 23% only go when their pet has an emergency and 25% go when they're worried something is wrong with their cat.

The survey found that 78% of cat owners look for online alternatives first.  Searching online to see if a vet has answered their question already.

The Top 5 concerns cat owners would ask if they had easier access to a vet without requiring a special visit according to the survey are:

  1. Grooming my cat (cutting nails, cleaning ears, etc.)
  2. What to feed my cat
  3. My pet's weight
  4. Digestive Issues (including my cat's poop)
  5. Training my pet

Ask.Vet is a service that let's you text licensed veterinarians for customized advice.

This cat looks just like one I brought home when I was in Little League.  I hid it in myt glove and took it to my bedroom.

Of course when I went to school it started to vocalize it's hunger and my Mom found it.

Thanks to awesome parents they allowed us to have another cat in the house to befriend Whiskers.

Dusty was the name we gave her and she lived a long life of about 20 years in the Kosfeld home.

She stayed there when I left home for school and then embarked on my radio career.

Dusty would fetch a ball just like a dog.

My Dad claimed he didn't like cats but quite often Dusty would curl up on his lap when he was eating breakfast at 4:30 in the morning.


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