A lot of new food items are being introduced at the Minnesota State Fair for 2017, but this one, in particular, caught my eye.

Okay, I get it... as a millennial, I'm fully aware that one of the stereotypes surrounding us is that we have a weird obsession with avocados. Personally, I don't. However, I know this is true for some.

The Minnesota State Fair appears to be plugged into that craze because now they are officially introduced deep fried avocados to their menu.

Minnesota State Fair
Minnesota State Fair

You can find this delicacy at O'Gara's at the Fair; SW corner of Dan Patch Ave. & Cosgrove St. GO MN News explains,

File this as one of those things that makes no sense until it’s sitting on your tongue. It’s a wonder deep-fried avocado isn't on more menus.


Pictured above, the cool, smooth nature of nature’s most obsessed-over produce meets the deep fryer. Brought to you by O’Gara’s, the same people who brought us the pretzel curd (crunched pretzels coat the curds) which I somewhat sheepishly admit to enjoying more than the original curd. The smooth surprise within the crunchy coating will be served with – what else – chipotle ranch. This is a can’t miss-situation. "

They have a lot of avocados to choose from too. The California Avacado Commission reports that in California alone, just over 205 million avocados were produced so far this year. That's not including ones imported from other countries either.

If you're brave enough, this is just one of five new items that you can try at the fair this year. Who's hungry!?

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